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Mr Arden Avante of 1177 Broadway #18 PMB150 Chula Vista, CA 91911

Mr Avante approached our company and engaged in our services under a contractual agreement. Our company deals in REO's and NPNs. We have specialized software to analyze the best deals fast and make offers on these properties that allows a person to have an advantage over other competitors.

Mr. Arden Avante declared he was the "end buyer" and not a broker. Mr Avante was in fact just a real estate agent

Mr. Avante signed an electronic agreement as such, and then utilized our database base of deals for his own gain.

Mr Avante after a period of time even reneged on paying our service fees and filed charge back actions with out merchant account.

I would advise others to take caution when dealing with this individual.



Not all properties are listed, that's not what was under discussion, but that's how his offer generator works.I was well within my 7 days of cancellation.

Obviously he isn't above reproach to go on a smear campaign over $69. His chief complaint was that the item was disputed by me, I get that, I still have the disc that was sent to me, if he needs the $69, I'll be more than happy to send it to him with the $69. But its not about that, its about vendetta. A sense of making people pay dearly; that he believes did him wrong, here I am, $69, I benefited 0 from the rapid offer generator, NOTHING.

So I'm ready to move on, $69 and the disc, tell me where to mail this. Last convo I had with Duncan, he said this was done. And btw Mr. REO SPECIALIST, how do you know so much about what has transpired between me and Duncan?

The intimate details, the rendezvous? :grin I think you're in Duncan's employ because as soon as I posted my response, not 2 minutes later you had a reply up in Duncan's defense? See, you're not the only person who understands SEO, Google Analytics, Websites, Rankings, Indian Programmers.

This can get really ugly really fast, like it already has, but seriously, I thought this was dropped.

to ardenavante Taylors, South Carolina, United States #645397

Mr Avante.

I just got notified of your comment via Alerts.

You have been nothing but rude and obnoxious to my staff. I cannot control any anonymous posting saying what they want to say.

If you do understand SEO, etc.. do you realize that every time you post a comment you are just extending how often your name appears.


Mr Arden Avante

ALL REO's are of course listed. This service is NOT for Agents or Brokers in the first place.. READ!

You story keeps changing..

The first email you sent me says you knew nothing of our company.

Then you lied to merchant processor accusing us of fraud and making unauthorized charges.

Now, you admit to using our services. Now you complain about the cancellation policy. You had every opportunity to cancel within the trial period. I have to ask that if you knew the moment that you download the data, that the REOs are of course listed with agents, then why did you not cancel then?

You agreed to the terms and conditions contractually by purchasing. Stated below for your review.

The refund policy of the has a 7 Day Trial period. Any period of a day up to 12am, is considered ONE day and not part thereof. You will be billed on the 8th day for your subscription.The monthly subscription fee shall not be refunded under any circumstances.

WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR ANY PARTIAL-MONTH MEMBERSHIP PERIODS. To cancel, visit our website and click on “Cancel Membership” on the “Your Account” page and follow the instructions for cancellation under the heading “Cancel Membership.”

You may cancel your subscription at any time. No long term commitment is required.Please see the instructions at the help-desk: to cancel your account at anytime.

Your false accusation to our payment processor caused us to have a black mark against our account. We also incurred charge back fees. Of course they gave you the money back .

You took it upon yourself to get people to post negative anonymous comments. (as per the email evidence image attached) I find your behavior unacceptable and worthy of being on our company blacklist. It's the principal.

I wonder how contractual agreements work in your company?

to dwierman #645214

Sure Duncan, I approached you, more like I signed up for your rapidoffergenerator website, didn't like it.Contacted you in good faith to get my money back and you refused to do so because I was on the 7th day of the 7 day money back guarantee.

OF COURSE I DISPUTED IT!! AND I WILL DO IT AGAIN!! What happened to this being over Duncan? Why is this still raging on and on and on?

Did the $60 bucks really take food off your families' table?

If it did, tell me, I'll send you the $60.For any other inquiring minds, please g o o g l e Duncan Wierman, that's this guy's name, this guy isn't just starting nonsense with me from south carolina, he's doing it with plenty of other people.

to ardenavante Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #645222

Knowing that Duncan is without reproach in how he runs his business. I have dealt with him many time without any issue, and he has always over delivered in his promises. I would have seriously doubt Mr. Avante's story.

I bet Mr Arden is an Realtor who just does not understand the business... If you know properties are all listed, then why as an agent would you sign up for a service that agents do not need?

Arden.. did you google your own name for the nonsense you get up too ?

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